Monday, 1 December 2014

Prisoners of the Season - Ho frickerty HO!

I have to admit to a really large dose of seasonal "bah humbug". I don't enjoy the marketing frenzy of retailers that begins even before the ridiculousness of Halloween is over and I don't enjoy the all holds barred of other people's determination to enjoy their idea of festivity even in the face of the discomfort and detriment of others.

Merriment should not impact on the health and welfare of others in the community and when objection is raised for very valid reasons it seems ill fitting to direct invective at the beleaguered and distressed.

Case in Point?

Take the silent and oft unnoticed, but debilitating neurological disorder epilepsy for instance. How many in the community would even consider the effect of flashing lights for most of the night on a sufferer? The lack of sleep entailed in traffic? loud laughter? raucous exclamations? screaming children? How many people are aware that flashing lights and lack of sleep can be key precursors to seizure activity? how many care?

This is not my usual foodcentric mode, but my foodcentricity all began with a desire to find a place of wellness and fulfillment, not just for myself, but for my small family each with variety of silent, invisible illness and so the plight of those who also suffer such ills is not lost on me and those who may know me would know I care so very deeply.

What am I trying to say?

Well ..... Don't malign those who take less enjoyment in the frivolity and excess of the season than you as they may well have a very good reason.

Take into consideration that your flashy over the top displays of lack of consideration can in fact be detrimental to others.

Take with you, if you are more inclined to more sedate and considerate modes of celebration, our thanks because even though you may not realise it those not of your ilk keep us and many like us imprisoned in our homes after dark .... unable to take advantage of any evening occupations and enjoyments.

If, in your estimation, I sound bitter and at variance to the season of the Holy Dollar and that doesn't suit whatever you keep under your silly red hat then I'm afraid that's just too bad. Catering to the chronically ME-centric is not in my best interests ....


  1. Was kind of funny considering I was suffering from not having the correct medication for 12 hours, due to a stuff-up . Got home after stressing about not stressing for 5 hours (I'm sure Helen, was in the same state of mind if not worse :P) I helped unpack and chucked the dirties in the wash, had a quick cold show to wash the scunge of travel off me, and to cool my body core, then took 5 mg of Valium and crashed. Woke up after an hour of exhausted, drug induced, non-REM sleep, even though there was thunder and lightning, and torrential rain overhead for that hour, because of the woman next door screeching her blackboard breaking voice off. I couldn't believe it, I was in a closed room, on the other side of the house, a fan on full tilt, out of it on Valium, sleeping through a thunder storm, and I still got woken up by a woman's voice. And then copped abuse for saying the above on their Facebook Page at Lights on Irene. Oh well I guess you have to be in the Christian Club in Batehaven to be relevant, and considered a citizen, even though everyone copies what you are doing by putting in vegetable gardens, getting chickens, etc. oh well idiots will be idiots!.

    1. The above for those of this site who don't have access to my site was word for word as follows:

      Amazing how I heard a screeching voice over thunder and lightening, heavy rain, and exhausted sleep, thanks very much guys, really know how to welcome a major epilepsy sufferer back from a trip to RPA! Very neighborly of you! Now I guess I have to put up with a month of flashing lights, and idiotic drivers, thanks, Merry Christmas!

  2. Apparently if you are less than enthusiastic about seasonal excess you are a grinch ..... well slap me green and wax Seussetic ... cause I must be eh?