Why I write ..... a Blog Hop in Action

A blog hop is a relay of support and camaraderie to share what we do and why we do it then pass the baton of blog sharing on to other bloggers. Thank you Beth of Scraps of Five for nominating me.

Why do I write? 

I write because it allows me to express the joys of living my life. Having lived a life of less freedom and less ME-ness I now choose to shine my light to encourage others to embrace the part of them that yearns for simpler, more wholesome life with greater self investment in what they do.

I share a window into what makes my joy tick and hope that my words can inspire others to find those things in life that make their joy tick and allow themselves the grace to seek those roads less travelled into life's dreamscapes that hold the vistas of happiness that only they can achieve though following the heart.

How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre? 

I try to include a whole seed to plate experience of food, with nutrition, tradition, elements of lore as well as new takes on the culinary with original recipes, anecdotes from my life and the works involved in getting the produce and the results we are after.

All my photos are mine and I have been told I have an unique turn of phraze so I endeavour to bring beauty, humour, charm and originality into all I do.

What am I working on? 

I love to celebrate seasonal produce so my ongoing project is to document my harvests and how I use each harvest element to enrich my family's lives.

Additionally we document our projects that progress our self sufficiency dreams and our current projects are dry stone walls, more garden beds, a spring veg planting, pruning our fruit trees as well as plans afoot for a new pagola with a cob oven, renovating our balcony, a fire pit and an aquaponic garden.

Do I write what I do?

I only write what I do, all the work and food and photography is my own and that of my family. We work together for our own benefit and I document and share with my small audience.

How does my writing process work?

I work on a project or harvest my garden and take photos and then sit down and recreate my experiences in my mind than I write what best describes the way I got to the end the result be it a completion of a project or a recipe that feeds my family. I then add a back catalogue of recipes that embody that harvest or share further anecdotes that have baring on that project. I flesh out the writing with some data or tradition to make it more whole.


Dhanya the Spice Adventuress

Now I tag my on hopper.

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  1. awesome...and I love my intro!

    1. it's what you do .. for me and I am sure for anyone who reads and devours your passion for spice

  2. You're beautiful Helen, thank you :)

    1. You got me here Sis! a lot of everything I do (even the man) I can lay at your devinely inspired feet.