About Me

I am a passionate locavore living on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. Life is based around a mad intention of self sufficiency on a small suburban block growing as much as we can and harvesting the bounty of our seaside location as well as processing and cooking everything from scratch.

As a family we incubate our own yoghurt, brew our own beer and ciders, ferment our own wine, make cheeses, sausages, pasta, bread, pickles, preserves and anything else we can come up with and these home made offerings often form a basis of my culinary endeavours.

Much of my inspiration comes from my environment, my wonderful partner who listens to my mad ideas, tells me why it wont work and then stands back while I do it anyway, my eldest fellow blogger and writer son Samuel Morgan and my food neophobic son with disabilities who has lately found an extreme taste for our local seafood so who am I to not indulge him?


  1. Love what you're doing! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures. All the best! Trish