Saturday, 20 September 2014

Table for Amy: dining out with locavore intentions

It is not often that we eat out and less often do we find ourselves in a place that echoes our sentiments and our ethics as sincerely as Table For Amy.

Our biannual treks to Sydney are always rushed affairs filled with stress and appointments and an extreme desire to get back home as soon as possible, but my driving ethic also demands a stop, revive survive every 2 hours and so Kiama got our attention this time round for a revival with coffee and a bite to eat high on our agenda.

Serendipity played Her part in where we stopped simply because I know how hard parking can be in the centre of Kiama and so thinking ahead I promptly stopped at the first available parking space in Collins Street.

Table for Amy Cafe!

Straight in front of us down a grassy terrace were the original workers' cottages and in one was the quaintly and quirkily named Table for Amy Cafe.

Specials board at the door

The first glance says retro styling shabby chic, but the menu celebrates local produce and an imaginative food styling that really drew me in. Who can resist pulled lamb burger with fresh salad, grilled chat potato and home made tzatziki?

pulled lamb burger with fresh salad, grilled chat potato and home made tzatziki

I nearly did until the welcoming and charming staff happily allowed me to forgo the bread in the burger as I don't eat bread.
pulled lamb with fresh salad, grilled chat potato and home made tzatziki

I even got an insight into what made the pulled lamb so incredibly sweet and stickily scrumptious and walked away with the recipe dancing in my head, but no spoilers! If you want it too you will have to try it and be really nice to Judy whose recipe it is ... and if you ask prettily she will share with a smile and some delightful conversation.

We were also served the biggest latte ever offered in a cafe I am sure ... drowning was an option and the coffee didn't disappoint with well rounded roasted notes and an absence of extreme bitterness sometimes found in locally roasted beans. Someone knows their coffee!

Picnic blankets at the door as well as a warm and friendly welcome

Also on offer are picnic baskets filled with house specialties complete with rugs to pre-order for that romantic or family moment on the grass. This Sunday comes complete with live entertainment and Wednesday nights are a local hit with special roast nights.

Prices struck me as incredibly reasonable and servings generous. We grabbed 2 servings of baked goods, a fig slice and a fruit slice, for our continued trek home which didn't disappoint either and made the last 2 hours of our journey sweetly interjected with crumbs and yumminess.


  1. Ha! We live in a workers cottage, not as well kept as that one, actually it's disintegrating but ho hum!

    1. I love a bit of rustic charm, but too much and it turns into hard work :D

  2. When we're next in that part of the world I'll be sure to go there and sample their goods, thank you for the tip!

    1. a truly delightful place to stop and sit a spell