Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Adventures in Sausage Making

One of the projects we invested in with great success was mince and sausage making. Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of frying or BBQing your very own sausage and the combinations and flavours are only your own imagination away.

We found a mincer and sausage maker on sale at Aldi and with our limited budget threw caution to the wind and grabbed it. Our happy sausage making adventures began so allow me to share some of our delightful recipes.

Garlic and pepper pork & veal sausage

Garlic & Pepper Sausage

2.4kg pork & veal
5 cloves garlic
5 tbsp fresh coarsely ground black pepper
5 tsp salt
5 tsp paprika 
½ cup chopped fresh sage ¼ loaf sour dough bread slowly toasted in a low oven
1 cup red wine 
Sausage casings (approx 3 meters well soaked overnight)
Use a mortar and pestle to pulverise the bread to produce a fine crumb
Pass all the garlic, meat and attached fat through the course mince setting.
Add the sage and all other ingredients and combine well by hand.
Pass the blended ingredients through the mincer again to ensure a homogonous mix.

Place the casing on the sausage stuffing cone and adapt for sausage stuffing.

Pass the sausage mix once more to stuff the prepared casing.

knit your sausage into smaller serving sized sausages.

Lamb & Rosemary Sausages

2.5kg lamb leg strips complete with fat
1 handful fresh rosemary tips
1 cup red wine
1 bulb garlic roasted whole in olive oil for 15-20mins in a hot oven
6 teaspoons salt
6 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
3 teaspoons paprika
2 cups sour dough bread crumbs
2 metres of hog casing

pass the lamb through the mincer on a course mince setting
pass the skinned roasted garlic and the rosemary at the same time
add all other ingredients to mince and then pass it through the next finer setting.
mix well to ensure the mince is evenly flavoured
change the mincer to the sausage stuffing setting and apply the hog casing ensuring the end is knotted
feed the mince into the mincer and stuff your casing.
knitt the sausage into links or wrap in a spiral and skewer to bake whole

Links and BBQ spiral
Lamb & rosemary sausages in the making








Chicken sausages

Chicken Sausages

5 kg Chicken Marylands (ask the chef to debone them and reserve the bones for stock)
1 head of garlic oven roasted for 20 minutes
5 tablespoons course salt
3 tablespoons finely chopped sage
3 teaspoons paprika
1/2 cup sour dough bread crumbs
Hog casings

Method as above
Mascerating the blueberries and rind

Bambi and Smurf Sausages

3kg venison shoulder, cut into strips
1kg pork belly and pork suet fat, cut into strips
1 punnet blueberries
1 rind of seville orange, finely shredded
1 cup rosehip and fig port (or port of your choice)
2 tbsp herb salt

hog casings

Mascerate the berries and rind in the port
Bambi & smurf sausages

Method as above

These sausages were a great hit and the blue skins of the blueberries are testement that there are smurfs in there.

you can see the smurfiness!

 Served with home made chutney and a shaving of parmesan cheese ... perfect!